Just outside Bergen

Floiban funicular. It is a train that takes you to the top of the mountain behind Bergen. This is at the top

This is Annie Barwick, from South Australia, who was on the ship with us (and friend)

This is her mother, Ollie

Ollie, Annie and Faith

Mount Ulriken




Kirsten Kindt-Lien (Henriksen)

Terje Kindt-Lien

Hanne Kindt-Lien

Christian Lien

Kari Lien (Smordal)

Caroline Lien

Amalie Lien

Lorentz Lien

Nina Hansson


Christine Henriksen

Amalie Henriksen Svendsen

Out for coffee in Bergen

Gerd Elisa, Veronica, Lillian & Rita

Gerd Elisa

Rita Orvedal (Ellingsen)

Atle Orvedal

Atle's dog

Bjorn Ellingsen

BBQ at Rita & Atle's place in Hamre

View from Rita & Atle's place

Old Church in Hamre

Mette Kriete (Ellingsen)

Mette's cat

Rita & Ida-Marie