Various views from the ship

Medieval Church

Outside medieval church

Inside medieval church

In museum next to medieval church

One of towns on the trip

King Neptune, Captain and officer on the MS Narvik - a ceremony for crossing the Arctic Circle

The ice-cubes-down-the-back-ceremony

Sam Hagner

Drying fish

Going on the bird-watching excursion

Puffins on the rocks

On the excursion to the Russian border

The 2 posts on the Norwegian/Russian border

The trail cut on the left side is the border line

A small fort on the trip


Nidarosdomen - Trondheim Miraculous at all times!


Henning & Lene (Edith and Dorothy's first cousin's husband & daughter)

Sigfrid (Edith and Dorothy's first cousin)

Sigfrid & Henning


Cathedral in Tromso - midnight sun time

Rainbow in Tromso

Aquarium in Tromso

Sculpture in Tromso

Lene & Lillian at Sigfrid & Henning's house in Tromso


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A Sami and his reindeer, "Elisabeth"