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Svend ANDERSSON HEIHILLER [Parents] was born 1705 in Norway. He died 1773 in Norway. Svend married Brita OLSDATTER MIDTROD on 1735 in Norway.

Other marriages:

Brita OLSDATTER MIDTROD was born in Norway. She died 1748 in Norway. Brita married Svend ANDERSSON HEIHILLER on 1735 in Norway.

They had the following children:

  F i Siri SVENDSDATTER was born 1736 and died 1796.
  M ii Anders SVENDSEN HEIHILLER was born 1738 and died 1800.
  F iii Gjertrud SVENDSDATTER was born 1740 and died 1809.
  M iv
Ole SVENDSEN was born 1742 in Norway. He died in Norway.
  F v Anna SVENDSDATTER was born 1744 and died 1808/1815.
  F vi
Ragnild SVENDSDATTER was born 1745 in Norway. She died 1816 in Norway.
  F vii
Brita SVENDSDATTER was born 1747 in Norway. She died in Norway.
  F viii
Marta SVENDSDATTER was born 1748 in Norway. She died 1752 in Norway.

Anders LAURITZON HEIHILLER [Parents] was born 1663 in Norway. He died 1742 in Norway. Anders married Siri JOHANNESDATTER GJERDEVIG on 1688 in Norway.

Siri JOHANNESDATTER GJERDEVIG was born 1663 in Norway. She died 1737 in Norway. Siri married Anders LAURITZON HEIHILLER on 1688 in Norway.

They had the following children:

  M i Johannes ANDERSEN MATLAND was born 1688 and died 1775.
  F ii Ragnhild ANDERSDATTER was born 1692 and died 1766.
  M iii Lasse ANDERSEN was born 1694 and died 1772.
  M iv
Nils ANDERSEN was born 1696 in Norway. He died in Norway.
  M v
Nils ANDERSEN was born 1698 in Norway. He died in Norway.
  M vi Ole ANDERSEN was born 1700 and died 1742.
  M vii Anders ANDERSEN was born 1702 and died 1741.
  M viii Svend ANDERSSON HEIHILLER was born 1705 and died 1773.

Lauritz LASSESON HEIHILLER was born 1630 in Norway. He died 1709 in Norway. Lauritz married I RAGNHILD in Norway.

I RAGNHILD married Lauritz LASSESON HEIHILLER in Norway.

They had the following children:

  M i Anders LAURITZON HEIHILLER was born 1663 and died 1742.

Johannes ANDERSEN MATLAND [Parents] was born 1688 in Norway. He died 1775 in Norway. Johannes married Brite NILSDATTER MATLAND on 1722 in Norway.

Brite NILSDATTER MATLAND was born 1684 in Norway. She died 1767 in Norway. Brite married Johannes ANDERSEN MATLAND on 1722 in Norway.

Johannes OLSON KJONN was born 1702 in Norway. He died 1777 in Norway. Johannes married Ragnhild ANDERSDATTER on 1734 in Norway.

Ragnhild ANDERSDATTER [Parents] was born 1692 in Norway. She died 1766 in Norway. Ragnhild married Johannes OLSON KJONN on 1734 in Norway.

Lasse ANDERSEN [Parents] was born 1694 in Norway. He died 1772 in Norway. Lasse married Kristi SVENDSDATTER BJORNDAL on 1733 in Norway.

Kristi SVENDSDATTER BJORNDAL was born 1691 in Norway. She died in Norway. Kristi married Lasse ANDERSEN on 1733 in Norway.

Ole ANDERSEN [Parents] was born 1700 in Norway. He died 1742 in Norway. Ole married Anna NILSDATTER HAUG on 1724 in Norway.

Anna NILSDATTER HAUG was born 1693 in Norway. She died 1733 in Norway. Anna married Ole ANDERSEN on 1724 in Norway.

Anders ANDERSEN [Parents] was born 1702 in Norway. He died 1741 in Norway. Anders married Gunvor JOHANNESDTR TOSSELAND on 1733 in Norway.

Gunvor JOHANNESDTR TOSSELAND was born 1715 in Norway. She died 1788 in Norway. Gunvor married Anders ANDERSEN on 1733 in Norway.

Mons GUDBRANDSON HAALAND was born 1753 in Norway. He died 1828 in Norway. Mons married Brita SVENDSDATTER on 1781 in Norway.

Brita SVENDSDATTER [Parents] was born 1751 in Norway. She died 1803 in Norway. Brita married Mons GUDBRANDSON HAALAND on 1781 in Norway.

Hans SVENDSEN [Parents] was born 1752 in Norway. He died 1813 in Norway. Hans married Sissele KAARESDTR RONGESTVEIT on 1802 in Norway.

Sissele KAARESDTR RONGESTVEIT was born 1759 in Norway. She died 1846 in Norway. Sissele married Hans SVENDSEN on 1802 in Norway.

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