Scrapbook Page for Olaf Kristian SVENDSEN

Olaf Kristian Svendsen

Olaf Kristian Svendsen

Olaf & Siegfrid

Olaf and Siegfried

Norwegian passport# 985-1927

Wilhelm, Tommy, Olaf, Emil

Olaf & Jean

Olaf, Jean, Elsie, Emil

Buddy Jean Olaf Barbara

Jean ? ? ? Corinne and Olaf

Olaf Kristian Svendsen

Aksel, Connie, Olaf, Emil

Jean and Olaf

Olaf Lil Jean

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver Dec/1977

Jean and Olaf

at the Cannery in Vancouver for Olaf's 71st birthday - 1977

Emil Connie Olaf

House in Bergen, Norway where Olaf was born

Aug 22, 1992

50th wedding anniversary